Manage Patient Communication

Why bother about renewing sms packs and email costs when you can have a system that integrates all your communication requirements without adding to your expenses, now send all your patients, staff, consultants and labs unlimited sms and emails from our integrated communication system

Mangage Patient Information

Manage Your Clinic

From wherever you are

Access your clinic calendar, staff actions, consultant status, patient records etc on the go with our mobile and tablet compatible design, now your clinics need not be limited to where you are.

Being a successful dental practitioner requires you to travel, connect and network with your peers, patients, vendors and corporates. This means that you cannot always be physically present in your clinic. Hence, EliteDentist offers you the convenience of being on top of all that happens in your clinic even while you are away. Get real-time data on appointments, treatments, purchases, lab cases, profitability and a whole lot of different clinic happenings on your mobile or tab, wherever you are. Book appointments or purchase material for your clinic in a few seconds even when you are away from your clinic or caught up with personal commitments. Your clinic and staff may not be able to follow you wherever you go, but EliteDentist will make sure to bring your clinic virtually anywhere with access to an internet connection. It’s like carrying an organized virtual clinic in your pocket- wherever, whenever.

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Your Efficient Practice..

Networked and Real Time

A management system designed exclusively for the dental fraternity, integrating tools, solutions and relationships that a new age dental practice requires, the next level of simple to use dental charts, clinic reports, media management and a real time link to your peers, dental labs, diagnostics and suppliers.

Dental techniques keep rapidly evolving with the latest advances in technology. To keep up with the dynamic growth of the dental industry, every dental practitioner needs to have access to the latest resources, information and happenings in dentistry.

By networking you to a plethora of the best dental labs in the country, providing exclusive dental reports, tailor made media tools, real time supplier contact, Educational resources and courses to continuously update your knowledge and skill sets in dentistry, EliteDentist offers you a one stop shop to be on top of your game. Not only does EliteDentist ensure that you are endowed with access to the best equipment, sellers and IT infrastructure, we also help your staff and consultants manage their daily workflow with ease and in coordination with your dental clinic requirements.

Simple or State-of-the-Art.. Its your Choice

  • Dentist

    Mr. Keep It Simple

    Take the first few steps to making your practice more connected, you can use the website for simple patient communication and consultation management tools ; all in the click of a few buttons

  • Dentist

    Ms. State-of-the-Art

    Use high integrated dental tools like reports, clinic analysis, multi clinic management, lab connect, casehub etc to take your practice to the highest levels of digital management, steps so simple you will think how you managed without it

Why EliteDentist?

With unlimited appointment booking, SMS & e-mails to patients, staff and consultants

Dental charts to plan diagnosis & treatment

Dental shopping to take care of your material and equipment purchases using online payments or reward points

Dental lab feature to connect you real time to all major dental labs across the nation

Multiple clinic and staff features to manage all your clinics, staff and consultants in one account

Patient records to securely store and access your patients' medical records and treatment history

Inventory and billing features to manage your material stocks and patient billing

Prescription management to add, edit, modify or offer prescriptions

Clinic showcase to help local and international patients to locate your clinic

Clinic analytics to analyze profitability and staff performance

Updates on dental events, peer reviews and ratings, live chat with peers for consultation or patient referral

And real time access to all that’s happening in your clinic

Highly secure cloud computing algorithms with Advanced Encryption Standards and multi-factor authentication offers your clinic data enhanced information security and control

Compliance with the standards and best practices followed regarding legal, medical and information technology makes EliteDentist your trusted partner to ensure that your data is your private property and is never traded as a commodity.

Manage and monitor all your clinic operations in real-time whether it is appointments, patient information, electronic medical records and treatment history even when you're away from your clinics.

High availability architecture incorporating Content Delivery Networks ensures that your clinic data is served without delays to ensure smooth operation of all the features during your busy practice hours.

Realtime Analytics helps you keep yourself updated on clinic profitability, purchases, dental events, conferences, patient statistics, billing and whole lot more.

Multitenancy and rapid elasticity of our server databases ensure that your data storage is expandable any time without incurring extra costs and is always accessible to you from multiple devices.