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1 Pack contains
Powder: 15g
Liquid: 13.1g(10.5mL)
Product PackagingGC Gold Label 9 is a type IX glass ionomer cement used as a high strength restorative for posterior teeth. It is a strontium based glass ionomer cement containing strontium glass. This provides good radiopacity and the snap-set characteristics that are highly preferred. The strontium present in the cement mimics calcium forming strontium hydroxyapatite and strontium fluoroapatite, which promote remineralization of the tooth structure from within. Gold Label 9 has a surface strengthening effect which is brought about by the diffusion of calcium ions from the saliva into the glass ionomer restorative. These glass ionomers strengthen over time in saliva. GC Gold Label 9 displays a glossy surface after mixing. This indicates the presence of sufficient polyacrylic acid to begin the ion exchange process. The movement of ions between dentin, enamel and the restorative results in chemical fusion. The seal that results from using this restorative material is consistent, predictable and long lasting. GC Gold Label 9 has desirable physical properties such as high compressive and flexural strength, high wear resistance, good radiopacity and low solubility.
Class I and small Class II restorations in non-load bearing areas
Class I and Class II fillings in primary teeth
Transitional restorations
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