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G-ænial is the material of choice when you are looking for a restorative that will meet the aesthetic expectations of all your patients - in most cases with only one shade.

Being a forgiving composite that offers beautiful and natural looking high gloss restorations whilst being extremely easy to use, makes it a composite suited to everyday use.

G-ænial also gives you more working time so you are free to shape and sculpt it to obtain the ideal anatomical form and aesthetics with ease.
Product PackagingGC G-ænial Posterior features a more condensed filler content which gives a firmer consistency and greater control when contouring anatomical form in posterior restorations. The packable material will still wet and flow when manipulated to ensure tight moulding, even in the deepest cavities. The unique blend is formulated for both strength and low shrinkage stress.
1. Shade Selection
Clean the tooth with pumice and water. Shade selection should be made prior to isolation. Select
the appropriate G-ænial shades by referring to the G-ænial shade guide.
2. Cavity Preparation
Prepare cavity using standard techniques. Dry by gently blowing with oil free air.
Note : For pulp capping, use calcium hydroxide.
3. Bonding Treatment
For bonding G-ænial to enamel and / or dentin, use a light-cured bonding system
such as GC G-BOND™, GC Fuji BOND LC or GC UniFil® Bond (Fig. 1). Follow
manufacturer’s instructions.IndicationsG-ænial Anterior
• Direct restorative for Class III, IV, V cavities.
• Direct restorative for wedge-shaped defects and root surface cavities.
• Direct restorative for veneers and diastema closure.
G-ænial Anterior
• Direct restorative for Class I and II cavities.
Excellent aesthetics with just a single shade Adequate radiopacity
Non-sticky packable viscosity High fracture toughness Features & Benefits High fracture toughness and reduced polymerisation shrinkage stress for long-lasting restorations
Easy and quick polish to a smooth, glossy surface.

Non-sticky packable viscosity for better control contouring and building anatomical forms
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