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Filtek™ Z350XT Restorative Syringe

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"A high-performance, versatile nanocomposite. Excellent aesthetics for anterior restorations, strong enough for posterior restorations.
• Simple to use
• Lifelike aesthetics
• Unique nanofiller technology
• Wears like Enamel

""Filtek™ Z350 XT, a material of unsurpassed fluorescence, imitating nature better than all other aesthetic composites""
- Drs. Hein de Kloet, Arnhem, Netherlands"
Product Packaging4g Syringe
Syringe from kit not packed
All composite Restoration IndicationsIndications"• Direct anterior and posterior restorations (Classes I, II, III, IV and V)
• Minimally Invasive Dentistry (MID)
• Sandwich technique with glass ionomer resin material
• Cusp buildup
• Core buildup
• Splinting
• Indirect anterior and posterior restorations including inlays, onlays and veneers"
"Polish retention was determined by a toothbrush abrasion test.Composite materials were shaped into tiles and thoroughly cured.

• The surfaces were polished wet using a Beuhler variable-speed grinder-polisher
• They were stored in water at 37ºC for 24 hours.
• Gloss was measured.
The samples were brushed with toothpaste and a toothbrush
• The toothbrush was mounted on an Automatic Toothbrush Machine.
• Gloss measurements were taken after 500 cycles and then every 1000 cycles.
• The test was terminated after 6000 toothbrush strokes.

Results described in the studies for Filtek Ultimate /Supreme XTE Universal Restorative also apply to the product registered under the following name: Filtek Z350 XT Universal Restorative" Features & Benefits "• Unsurpassed esthetics: excellent polish and better polish retention than a microfill.
• Improved fluorescence.
• Simple to use: color-coded by opacity and bold, easy-to-read labels.
• Exceptional handling and improved handling of Translucent shades.
• 3M ESPE's unique nanofiller technology gives your restorations the best of strength and esthetics.
• Outstanding strength for anterior and posterior use.
• Wide range of shades and opacities.
• Expanded selection of Body shades.
• Wear-resistance equivalent to Enamel. **
• Radiopaque.
**Source: 3M ESPE in vitro internal data."
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