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Clinpro™ XT Varnish

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Clinpro™ XT Extended Contact Varnish is a site-specific, light-cured RMGIC durable coating that forms an immediate layer of protection to relieve dentinal hypersensitivity. The "XT" in the product name is intended to reflect the products properties as an "extended varnish," having long-term durability with fluoride release
Product Packaging"10 gms clicker
mixing pad
instructions for use"
For enamel application, an acid etch is required prior to placement to ensure optimal retention on the tooth. For dentin application, the product can be applied without an acid etch.Indications"Protective coating on:

•Dentin surfaces to prevent hypersensitivity
•Newly erupted dentition other at risk tooth surfaces
•Non-cavitated lesions
•Tooth surfaces around orthodontic brackets
•Post scaling & cleaning
•Root surface caries[ protects exposed root surfaces and creates barrier against demineralisation & acid erosion]"
Clinpro XT Extended Contact Varnish is based on a liquid/paste glass ionomer technology providing the major benefits of glass ionomer materials,including adhesion to tooth structure and sustained fluoride release, as well as some new attributes such as calcium phosphate release. The fluoride can be recharged by brushing daily with a fluoride-containing dentifrice such as Clinpro Tooth Creme. This provides the benefit of long term fluoride release. Features & Benefits "•Releases more fluoride than conventional fluoride varnishes over a 24 hr period
•Provides a barrier, that remains on the tooth for 6 months
•Releases fluoride, calcium and phosphate
•Can be recharged with fluoride dentifrice
•protects exposed root surfaces and creates barrier against demineralisation & acid erosion"
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